Bofors 57mm/L60

Bofors 57mm

Bofors 57mm/L60

Bofors is a Swedish made dual purpose gun. Used by a lot of countries around the world the Bofors 57mm/L60 like the AK47 of anti air and anti sea. It uses 57mm x 438mm 6.1kg complete rounds. It can traverse 360° and can change elevation 40°/s.

Mark 1

Mark 1 was improved in 1962 and  is the first  variant and improved the gun with  higher rate of fire, the use of new munitions including an improved proximity fuse water cooling for the gun tubes and a new electro-hydraulic system for rapid training and elevation.

Mark 2

The mark 2 variant was not as heavy as the mark 1 and it had a new improved servo system. It was used for both anti air and to shoot down sea craft missiles.

Mark 3

Mark 3 is the latest model of the Bofors 57mm/L60 gun and was designed in 1996 but was first used in 2000. It uses smart ammunition but can fire the same amount as the mark 2. It also has new methods to measure the muzzle velocity.



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